Trinh Huu Long co-founder of Luật Khoa Magazine and The Vietnamese received the 2019 Press Freedom award by Reporters Without Borders in behalf of colleague Pham Doan Trang.  According to him, the Prize for Impact made Ms. Pham not only a journalist but also a democracy activist who uses her pen to help change the political rule in Vietnam.


Note:  Original texts in Vietnamese.

With Pham Doan Trang being awarded the 2019 Freedom of the Press award, it is hoped that domestic authorities will "reduce the intensity of their repression against the individual", lawyer Trinh Huu Long told the BBC.

A freelance journalist, blogger, and a well-known democracy fighter in Vietnam has just been awarded the 2019 Press Freedom award by Reporters Without Borders, in the Influence category.

Representing journalist Pham Doan Trang at the award ceremony was Mr. Trinh Huu Long, who co-founded two websites of Luat Khoa Magazine and The Vietnamese with Ms. Doan Trang.

"We hope that by being more known to the world [through this award], and more recognized by the world for the efforts of independent Vietnamese journalists, the Vietnamese government will reduce the intensity of the violence. pressure on Pham Doan Trang personally and the community of Vietnamese independent journalists as well as Vietnamese activists," Mr. Trinh Huu Long said from Berlin.

"We hope that international pressure will help gradually improve the Vietnamese government's attitude, behavior and policies towards independent journalists," added Mr. Trinh Huu Long.

This event made her "not only a journalist but also a democracy activist," said Trinh Huu Long.

"Pham Doan Trang tries to use the most popular language, to explain in the most understandable way the seemingly abstract concepts, difficult to understand about democracy, human rights, the rule of law, the rights people have."

She wants to "use her pen to wish to change the political regime in Vietnam", Mr. Trinh Huu Long added.

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